Grup de Recerca en Ensenyament i Interacció Plurilingües


GREIP (Grupo de investigación en enseñanza e interacción plurilingüe, Research Group on Plurilingual Interaction and Teaching), a research group recognized by AGAUR as a Consolidated Research Group since 2005.

In favour of the use and learning of Catalan in schools in Catalonia

Given current attacks against the language education model in schools in Catalonia, some of its fundamental qualities need to be recalled: a) it has resulted from broad consensus, since the time of its implementation, amongst political forces and citizens; b) it has adapted to changing sociolinguistic dynamics experienced by Catalan society as a means of maintaining social cohesion; c) it has been recognised as exemplary by international research and by renowned experts in language and education policies, and d) it has proved to be highly efficient in terms of the plurilingual competences demonstrated by primary and secondary students on different assessment measures. 

These characteristics of the Catalan school language model are a source of pride for the education community and are reason for its continuance. It is our position that its guiding principles should not be altered in any way. For this reason, as an institution devoted to education, we encourage all members of the schooling community to fight to save the model, and if necessary, to participate in civil disobedience and pacific resistance against any changes that would pervert it.