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This video –which is an initiative of the Circle of Applied Linguistics (University of Lleida) and of the GREIP (UAB)– contains a series of sketchs aimed at promoting discussion about certain prejudices around plurilingualism.

Author: Òscar Bermell, with support from the 'Xarxa LLERA' and project SEJ2007-62147-EDUC

Date: July 2010

Time: 13:12

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You can also view on Youtube an introduction by Dr Artur Noguerol

Plurilingual asset

Every year there are more and more languages on the UAB campus. It is becoming more common to hear different languages on public transport, in open spaces, faculty corridors, services for the educational community, etc. This enormous linguistic capital is used to maintain social relations and gain access to the scientific and professional knowledge that the UAB promotes.

Far from the myth of the Tower of Babel, plurilingualism is by no means a punishment or a source of confusion, but part of human heritage, or rather a daily asset, that needs to be promoted and maintained as a seal for those institutions with a European vocation such as the UAB.

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Latino teens create a new language: lati-spanish

A team of GREIP researchers (Víctor Corona, Luci Nussbaum, Virginia Unamuno) have identified a new way of speaking among adolescents from Latin America established in Barcelona, the "Lati-Spanish", combining words from different variants of Spanish used in Latin America with other variants of Catalan and Spanish spoken in Barcelona.

Author of the video: Servei d'Audiovisuals, Facultat de Ciències de l'Educació UAB

Date: Juny 25, 2013

Time: 5 min.

Available at:

A spanish version will soon appear in the Iberoamerican educational network NCI (

Videos from the project PADS

"Do you speak English? Noves tecnologies per millorar les competències lingüístiques"  from the TV magazine La Xarxa Tendències, that briefly describes the project PADS, with interviews to Melinda Dooly and Maria Mont.

Videos from the project DECOMASAI

Five videos about Linguistic Varieties; Graphic Communication, Non-verbal Communication & Multilingualism. Produced in 2008 by students of the Secondary Schools 'Príncep de Viana' from Sant Andreu and 'Eugeni d'Ors' from Badalona.

Available at